Caboto Park Sold

Caboto Park was put up for sale late last year and it is with mixed emotion the Board confirms the sale of Caboto Park on May 14, 2021.

Caboto Park has a long and rich history as a cherished summer spot for our members and friends alike.  We’d like to thank all those who invested their time constructing the iconic pool and main building, planning holiday picnics, bocce and soccer tournaments, beach and pool activities, seasonal rentals, plus the countless other activities that are part of so many memories.

The silver lining behind the park’s sale is that one of our members, Andrew Facca, son of Giovanni (Popi) Facca, a past Club President, purchased the park and intends to revitalize it, building on its  rich history as an outdoor escape from the day to day grind of city life.

Andrew and his team intend to transform the park into a wellness and wilderness retreat center that provides overnight accommodations for the community to enjoy, while supporting tourism to the Windsor-Essex area. He plans to restore the path to the beach and to memorialize those who contributed to Caboto Park, in the form of  a mural or work of art that will be called Labor of Love. The first year will be dedicated to cleaning and restoration, building the foundation for future years. Andrew also intends to support Caboto Soccer by donating a portion of profits or holding annual fundraisers for at least the first five years.

Although the Park is changing hands, it’s comforting to know it will remain in familiar hands and its history and the people who built it will be remembered