Italian Womens Club


The Italian Women’s Club was formed in 1930, by a group of public-spirited Canadian women of Italian birth, who saw the need for such an organization to provide a social outlet for the foreign born women and to assist the newcomers to feel at home and at one with the local community. Since then, the club has grown and widened its contacts and its membership to include not only women of Italian birth, but Italo-Canadian women as well.  It was originally known as the Italian Women's Club, but it has since been Incorporated as the Italian Women's Club - G. Caboto Auxiliary.  The Italian Women's Club is a separate Women only Club with an all female Board elected from their membership. Although separate, The Caboto Club and the Italian Women's Club have always co-operated in providing social, recreational and educational programs. The charities supported are wide-spread and financial assistance could always be counted on from the Italian Women's Club by local charities.